A Night Sky In Beer Sheva

November 16, 2012

Since Operation Pillar of Defense, I’ve been watching and watching the news, but could only remain silent.

It is not in Haifa, but my heart is heavy. I’m not afraid for myself, but for people in the south and the innocent people in Gaza. It saddens me so much to see the empty streets and ghostly towns after the sirens. We need to stop all this but there’s only one bitter option. It couldn’t be helped and so I’m speechless.

But the ashes start to flare again. The warmth of the music is constantly injected to the artery, and dissolves the coldness of the sirens, filling the air with calm. Suddenly there are shooting stars rising to the arena of the night sky. They blossom in splendor and they die with a gleam.


To think the sirens are mother’s voice in panic; these flowers are actually rockets intercepted by Iron Dome… The contrast fills me with amazement and leaves me still. One can find vibrant beauty in humanity even in moments like these.

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November 18, 2012 @ 10:15 am

昨天看六四纪录片,印象很深的柴玲,她最后的采访,一直在哭泣,很绝望,为死去的年轻的生命痛心。她不甘心从此就生活在阴影中,依然坚定要活下去。 你和她一样坚强


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