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September 7, 2010

A months ago there was an interesting Wired article, citing a survey that shows distinctions between Apple fans and critics. I was quite elated to learn that Apple critics tend to have all the geeky styles I love. We love video games, science, internet. We are open to try out apple products. And guess what, we are even more compassionate; meanwhile, the apple fans are usually identified as elite white colars, interested in investment and finance, refuse other platforms, and seems a little more “selfish”, all of which I look down upon! Then my imagination begins, somehow I have an impression that there might even be different political tendencies between the two groups. Could it be that “we” are reason people (reason people usually treat Israel better) and “they” are more likely to be pseudo-liberals? (Yes, the law of “Israel first” applies to all my thoughts!)

I have a new friend on Gmail Buzz, Anthony. I first saw him during the time of “flotilla of fools” incident. Later on I was so surprised to find that there was a person on this planet who is so so so like me! I enjoy almost every article he shares. Science, 3D-Animation, Google, aviation, military, and beep beep, we have similar political views. Also there are people like @Sabba_Yossi , a physics professor, @m_a_s_o_n , the second geekiest DJ/producer in the world (tho I’m not seeing him talking politics, I’m sure he likes Israel) and @crutis and so on… And I thought it’d be fanntastic if it’s true that most people who share similar interests with me have similar political views, especially views toward Israel. I’m happy with this assumption. And from then on I always keep my eyes peeled to see if more people are among “us”.

Soon today, I was led to a Daily Mail post. A brand new survey conducted to compare personalities among people of different political views, generalized as left and right. Bad news for the left!- I thought, and relaxed. For years, okey dockey, for two years since I really got to be concerned, I have kept a distance from left wings, liberals and peace/animal rights/green activists this kind of stuff. I want to state for record, it’s not that I’m narrow-minded, stubborn, or stuck with old ideas as they suggest us to be, but rather that I know they have a bad reputation for bad acts under the name of some good, progressive and futuristic ideas. So back to this survey, liberals are indeed, like the Apple fans described in the Wired article, more interested in money, less compassionate. And if they do donate money to charity, "it is often less the sort of organisation that helps people and more one that advocates political action”!- WoW, too precise to be in media (especially it doesn’t intend to imply the flotilla incident while it’s so accurate to describe the flotilla of fools)! Reading the first half of the article, I almost couldn’t hold a boastful feeling. And comments backing the article have so undoubtedly dominated that I found myself, a regular Ha’aretz reader, have never been so relaxed reading talkbacks! But the second half wasn’t that smooth for me.

It discusses much about the liberal and feminist attitude toward family and child-raising. So now it’s clear many of the descriptions of the left apply to me quite well. I oppose having babies on “ecological grounds”, and also because I hate to take “the responsibilities”. The author’s wife says they (the proud child-free liberals) are too busy hugging trees, in sarcarstic tones. While I feel proud, yes, proud indeed to be child-free (oh I swear I will be when I grow up!), and I would like to hug trees much more than…… I can immediately declare a border between me and the notorious “them” by pointing out many differences. But I’ll have to ask, how far am I from them? We’re actually pretty close? Apart from the progressive ideas, I also see some pseudo-liberal states of mind in me. Narcissism, self-absorption… Although I never openly claim, could it be true that deep inside my heart I feel superior for being vanguard in defining what is best for human beings?

I have known my Dad is liberal, a Chinese way of being “naive” to trust today’s United Nations. And not long after I also realized myself was, by definition, liberal, despite the fact that I always laugh at liberals. Read a pretty academic book called World Politics: Trend and Transformation, I heartfully agree with six out of eight typical ideas of liberalism, while only agree with two out of ten ideas of realism. I creep to be part of the group that I emotionally dislike. Partly because that group is infamous for being more emotional than reason. They always do my endearing state wrong, too much. But set aside topics on Israel and others remotely related, when it comes to environmental issue and animal rights, can I still safely say I’m rational? I recall how more and more frequently I misanthropically consider the human beings devils, because the way they treat our animal and tree friends. I was filled with emotions at those moments, anger, insanity and even hatred! I recall how I told my dad I would tried to appeal everyone around not to have a baby even if I knew it’s all vein. When I said that it felt like I was saving some poor little ants. How far am I from those so called activists, some of those animal rights activists who set fire to leather factories; some of those feminists madly detest motherhood; some of those peace activists of pure hypocrasy; some of those anarchists who smash police cars and shop windows on the street ?!

I fear to be like that. I know it’s not important at all if I’m right or left. It’s only the way I treat my thoughts matters. Always be open-minded to discuss, to accept, like what NanoThoughtsCorrection means. But now I have difficulties trying to control some negative feelings.


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