Addressing Nationalism A Little

October 1, 2010

[Happy national holiday :]

Like many of you people, I and many others think alike don’t like nationalism. We’ve seen enough stupidity of nationalism. It creates and exacerbate the gaps between different people, when actually they’re not “so different” biologically speaking. It causes artificial conflicts that otherwise it would have been peace. Yes we know it all. The infamous S.Korean nationalism, and the recent disgusting Chinese nationalist movement online more or less aiming at counter-S.Korean nationalism, etc.

However, imagine such a situation. You don’t really mean to crowd out another nation; you don’t really think your nation is superior to another; you think you can mix into another crowd just as easily as being yourself. But people of the another nation harass you intentionally because you are of this nation. What will happen? You will naturally turn to your friends and stand together with people of the same nation as you. Your people will not attack you because of nation related problems. In turn, it arouses nationalist sentiment, a logical consequence. Is it really your fault to be a nationalist? You simply unite with your fellows and try to protect yourself, physically or psychologically. You’re not to blame, no?

It’s always like that. Human beings like to define one thing, then judge right or wrong. Later when the thingy appear, they say this is right or wrong according to previous judgment, without asking why it appears and what’s the certain conditions. Erwin Schrödinger says the simplicity of continuation well suits the simple formation of those mathematicians’ brains. And I say the simplicity of this kind of judgment well suits the simple formation of human beings’ brains.

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