April 5, 2009

Watching ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’ brought me such a depression last night. When Frankie Whilde feels the ringing in his right ears I almost felt the sharp prick during ‘ Break My Fall’ in that summer night; and when he slowly turns the volume up till the utmost but can hear nothing, it fees like myself watching my proper volume rise over the years. But note it was the same sony player and the same earphone! I felt so bad cause I loathe to think of the problem I’ve succeeded to forget. The manager says this is a common phenomenum in this industry. All of them were working to emphasize I’m endangered-tho I don’t stay in that occasion that frequently, I never use drg alcohol or cigarettes.

Earlier in my senior 3, ayu lost hearing of her left ear. At that time, I already found something wrong. My left ear was always in an inoperative state in the morning, and after a while(2 hours later or something)it would come back to normal itself. I was thinking I might be the next ayu and it felt like somewhat connected but not annoying at all. The first time this shiti component on my left side dismayed me was when I felt a sharp prick somehow when listening to ‘Break My Fall’, and I think pretty hard that night what if I lost my left ear.

Having been tired of recalling how I conducted the experiment to prove it wasn’t my left earphone but my left ear was broken, let me say,at first I was upset when thinking of the decrease in ability of receiving airwaves coming thru 2(or more) sound channels. But now I actually am quite used to this deficient hearing like as is. I force my friends to walk on the right side so that I can hear them clearly and say it has fun; I notify my head to turn to the opposite direction to that of my acoustic nerves figure out and say It has fun…anyway I know it’s no fun

I wont get an xray check like Frankie Whilde does.Bet any doctor would just advise me to cut down the amount of listening to noisy music. It’s true if I’m really disabled, I wont even tell dad bout it;anyone who knows the shit is asking have you go to see a doctor yet? Or they keep telling me don’t listen too much.
I love both, the electronic mostly EDM, and my hearing. My troublesome left eye has been a domant volcano for quite a while. Maybe so will my left ear do. I just remain silence to anybody who tries to give some constructive advices while cant help feeling so scared

April 8, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

unlike other robots, once any part of your body gets broken or disfunctional,
it’s unlikely to find the exactly same accessories for replacement,just keep in mind that you are the one and only android,if you could not take responsibility for your own wellness,i dont think we can be fwiends 🙂
take care,i mean it really.

April 8, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

‘but silence…is golden…’


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