July 28, 2008
—-Is it true that continuos exposure to a same tradegy makes us numb?
Is it true that only new ones are able to strike our nerves?—-
When it comes to sad stories about circus animals, cruelty of how they were ill-treated, starvation of strictly controlled feeding, poor living condition along with scaring punishment at times usually come to mind first. However, in most civilized societies, this situation is rarely seen in late 20th century.
All I want to say after exploring this subject through another perspective,is,I feel for them yet nothing can I think out of to help.
Among other forms of mistreatment,these chimps are usually pulled from their mothers at a young age adn never have the opportunity to be socialized as chimpanzees. When they become too large,strong,and unpredictable to be used by the entertainment industry, they are outcasts,and these social creatures almost always spend the remainder of their long lives in isolation.
Could they make escapes from the desperation of lonliness? Do they occassionally recall to those splendid days under the limelight,on the arena, receiving waves of applause? Are they dying to see their mama, trekking in search of their true home that would give a sense of belonging and security? How long can they stand the lives absolutely on their own? Do ,They ,Sigh?
I strongly insist that circus animals should be protected under wellfare scheme. After champanzees retire, either should they be sent to a champanzee colony or be given the right that they live without worrying about tomorrow under human caring.If the champanzees aren’t able to merge into the new collectives(the likes of depressing or being desolated), they must be arranged back to normal life…Or whatever…The principle is to guarantee that human take the responsibility to ensure their healthy lives leftover, so that we could at least compensate for them a little bit. It’s less of a pathetic request but a duty indeed.
I’ve been lining so much words here in hope of reducing the weight of conscience, relieving stress of knowing so much suffering in this globe.
Then you say
Come on. Don’t be that sentimental. Animals never reach that complexity of thoughts and emotions. All of above makes no sense!
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