Approaching Midnight

February 5, 2011

It’s a 1998 record. Having been quietly sleeping for like a hundred years, in the darkest corner at the bottom of the pile, it was picked out.

There is little to write about Shadow’s sampling, DJing talents that hasn’t been written. But right now, the feeling is real.

You don’t expect waves of calmness to follow the initial sampling of a typical hip-hop mic. The sentimental synths fall beneath the raw drum in this silent nightfall. And I could hear someone singing from nowhere, so ethereal. She must be alone and so faraway, as sometimes the darkness of the night engulves her voice, the voice free and easy. You notice from the getgo that her singing doesn’t really fit into the surroudnings. SHe’s from another world and sings in her own Gan Eden. Gradually it fades to a sort of whispering “heading to garden of my heart…”

Whilst the precisely sliced pieces of sounds repeat in various rhythmic ways, reflecting a little trickiest part of abstract hip-hop. Oh, and that scratch!

The simplest melody can be made up of merely four notes, evenly placed in each bar. A bridge of cello leads you forward. Then the familiar scenery displays before you again. What do you say- nocturne or adagio for midnight…

A strange combination of most unrelated samples in the world.
A subtle experience of being both alone and together at the same time.
What we are approaching is a ‘midnight in a perfect world’.

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