As Expected!

May 27, 2009

I was checking Will Atkinson’s Trackitdown Top 10 bundle just now while doing homework. And this track, Night Liberator-Artificial Pervasion(Charlie G & Vandall Remix), stopped my pencil and lifted my eyes up. Again a foolish smile emerged on my face. The melody in the breakdown the piano riff and all the tricky sound distortions (that i named  them torture of sounds)were definitely killing me! For real i havent heard such a pure beauti piano tune in an exciting edm track that somehow brings a sense of fulfilment! As it accelerates to the next climax, by instinct i found it a Japanese flavour within somehow, which reminds me of a remix version of ayu’s endless sorrow. Guessing Night Liberator could be a Japanese, i went to discogs only to find a big blank in the place where bio should be there. then i ran to his myspace page—-as expected! He filled the location with Japan,大阪府—-cant help chuckling how smart android isnn/. And also i have to say the original just as sick as the rmx version. the percussions strike my nerves so hard i’m gonna shock wow.

This guy debut in CGI just last year. so talented. i’m gonna collect all what he did.(only 2 singles and 2 remixes so far lol, but difficult enough to find) what i’m now doing is just playing the single over and over again. this thing’s not gonna stop until the math class at 19.00. supper? no way.
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May 27, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

"This follows suit with another killer piano riff, frantically techy and ultra cool percussion and a relentless uplifting energy, with a glorious breakdown you’ll swear you’ve heard before.. but, nope… its all original, and absolutely rockin"
——?? review
So True!


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