Bitaepitta Disappeared

July 10, 2009
When I finally got to tianze road after the painstaking experience of buying tix in beijing railway station, I went through the road for several times and just couldn’t find the star bar road! Standerbys laughed and told me “早拆啦!” I was treated for shock and repeated their words with great disappointment. Sadly,I drifted back. Saw the israeli flag, decided to call the restaurant. Remember last time it was a young woman speaking chinese answered the phone. But this time it was a man saying hello? And I knew it should be the nice old man who owned bitaepitta. Having talked to him I realized bitaepitta was closed. But the old man still hoped to reopen it somewhere else soon. And he said I could still contact him about once a month to see if it’s reopened. It feels a little better now that bitaepitta isnt dead. The owner still wants to continue. But it’s pitiful even if it reopens it cant be around the israeli embassy. And less chance can I be able to see our flag outside the embassy then.
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July 19, 2009 @ 5:55 pm



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