“check yourself please”, somebody said to me

November 17, 2009

My face flushed red when I saw it. Thought myself a little fighter defending accuracy, truth etc but then what?

As I again saw holocaust denial report, I tweeted “#JIDF #Jews why r there tons of Holocaust deniers while not a single German denies? you know people who deny holocaust in Nanjing are merely Japs.”. "don understand at all. sounds like i broke your cup and said sorry then he goes “no you never break the cup”.worldwide joke? anyway g2 get up”. I mentioned Japan just to address the difference between the two here. Maybe I can understand a little why A’jad claimed Holocaust was a lie if some German people also question it just like some Japanese people do. But the case is there’s no dispute among Germans while other people came up with those proclaims. And just like that @downpressor came to me and dropped me a line saying “check yourself please…” He was referring to the Nanjing holocaust denial issue. He said it’s very rare in Japan. I know not all the Japanese deny it. But I heard alot local news like “Japanese history textbook trying to distort history and cover the truth of holocaust” or something. No, I never do a good research on the reliability of these stories. But they altogether form an overall impression that right wing Japanese people deny the Nanjing holocaust. And with that impression I composed my tweets not that seriously = not that accurately.

On receiving that reply I immediately apologized. But I can’t stop self-questioning after that. And that’s why I’m here started this blog entry. Possibly due to the limitation of a tweet (140 under), sometimes accuracy need more words to establish. In this case, my carelessness and the limitation both contributed to another person’s misunderstanding. And not necessarily but apparently made him angry. That’s an embarrassment of tweeting. And from this I learned it’s more difficult than I expected to make sense. If I want to make every of my statement accurate, how much googling do I have to do? And again, how can I avoid the negative impact the media made to me? If I turn to somebody reachable I now can think of like Daddy, I know they would tell me “keep your mouth shut and no need to care too much about it”. That’s not what I want. I still want to be that fighter like HonestReporting ,although when mentioning this incident, that wishful thinking looks like sheer idiocy. Quite helpless now.

And by the way, @downpressor is an amazing one. He’s a Japanese Jew, a DJ and a reggae producer. I think we could have talked well if it weren’t the Nanjing holocaust denial incident.

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