CUTE time in SWEET tianjin

September 27, 2009

waiting of 100+ cabs in tianjin station was a turning point. after that it’s
all good

taxi experience in

as expected the
taxi driver chatted w me in a heavy accent. he said the word "du che"
堵車) like
"du4 ce1" as i didnt kno what he meant for a time. but it feels
hospitable the driver introduced me some knowledge bout the european
concession.and sometimes sang songs himself. and the cab that drove me back was
a weirdo i have to say. i was having a chewing gum in my mouth and the
60-yr-old gave me an advice:stop eating chewing gum.he explained to me the
basic spirit of china lay on RU. we should all ruled by what Confucian said and
keep a good image of oneself, while chewing a gum looked bad. i had every
reason to contradict him but cool with that. after all he’s a 60yearold. this
was one of few times i held my argumentative words back hehe

never live in a
beijing hotel anymore

already knew the
hotel i booked was decent but wasn’t ready to know it was so great! it locates
in the european concession and so is western style. loving its ornament but
strangely in a room for 2 there were no curtains in the bathroom while both the
doors of shower room and bathroom are transparent…d-_-. is it why i paid much
less than i did in beijing to such a decent hotel room in downtown?

the european

seems like locals
call it
五大道. i lived
in Guilin Road, should be one of the five. i went to the club on foot to look
at houses and plants around. i know many places in this area looks luxurious
and dazzled. but Munan road scarcely have a light. there were national flags
hang over every felt slightly different when i saw them in such a
surrounding from anywhere else in common places in china. maybe the flags in a
non-administrative-sight look real :b

old people
gathered in the park and danced to some screepy music. beside them were erhu

after the gig i
initially planned to take a cab back. but i realize immediately i stepped out
of the club. how could i find a taxi late night in a small road? so i had to
walk back hoping not to be robbed or stalked. thank god i was safe and the walk
was pleasant in late summer breeze.

it’s not that
atmospheric when in daytime. after leaving the hotel i spent one hour and a
half wandering around. bumped into a gloomy building. its bricks are gray and
old, nothing special compared with other houses like cakes. but on a small
board it said :tianjin peace hotel. wow, this is the famous hotel! so took a
second look at it and i felt it somewhat epic… as i kept on walking there
came a small group of military band. a passby told me it was an opening
ceremony for travel festival. young ladies that obviously werent han stood on
colored mobile platforms beside models of some symbolic places in tianjin. coincidentally
we met for the second time after we walked in a big circle. this time i waved
hello to the beautiful ladies and they smiled haha.

hmmm there was a
horse stables bit stinky and a stadium. think it’ll be much harmonious if they
make some sculptures rather than simply paint pictures of sports outside the
wall of stadium

the gig in nic

the club was under
an art studio. i saw some transformers and other creative stuffs on display.
the most impressive one is a giant white kid standing beside the stairs.we all
think it’s awesome to have such a combination of art and dance music, making me
think of 798. 

douban cheated me
bout the beginnin time and obviously i arrived too early. i went to the
bartenders – all kawayi kind jjs. they’re rock people and one of them, the
super cool jj, is a vocalist of a new post punk band herself.(just googled her,
her name is liu di). and i went upstairs to talk to Mr.Toupo and Chris from
Britain.They prefer new rave?? 

i thought it would
be weird to dance in friends’ gig but it turned out all fine. when listened to
the loud music things became simple. i love it as the music was diverse from
minimal techno to electro house to progressive and tech trance, from 128 to
140(crazy /o). and was in a way toooo unpredictable XD. awesome to hear sander
kleinenberg – this is our night and this is miami in a rowwww! never knew this
is our night could be so exciting to hear in loudspeakers- even the sound
system was merely makeshift. miami was certainly a classic, it makes everydody
loves electro house. didnt know who played techno minimal, some of them were
pretty tasty. yuan played sander van doorn – bliksem after lethal industry. (is
he copying gareth emery??) tech tranec is another tide. i’m okay without visual
effects, this switch was like a rapid dive from a steep cliff.

what i mean by
saying too unpredictable are several accidents. toupo was asking me to take
more photos of the crowd in the rest room when a brutal stop of music occurred
and all the people started to scream. the vocalist explained us it was not an
accident but a sudden silence on purpose to incite the crowd lol. afterwards
yuan told me taylor’s computer crashed! and even more funny, at the very end,
what i called trax disorder befallen on us. i didnt know who made this miracle,
euro dance for several seconds and flashy house for another few seconds WTF?!
when the euro dance track was confirmed to be played i muffled my ears and the
gg gave me a napkin to keep the sound outta my ears hah.what a f’cking mess from
then on. no logic and no smooth switching, all i know is infected mushroom’s
becoming insane also appeared.

i also took 9 vids
despite dim light. the outcome is all the vids were all black-_-b. skyscraper
was among them. better than in a computer.

met a bundle of
nice peeps there. the light dancer with blue and red rays won the most
psychedelic photo prize! and Fim won the most professional animal prize for
carrying a heavy SLR in such a leisure occasion -_-b. Mikkel and his colleague
shared the most energetic dancer etc… yes niiiiiice to see mikkel and will
again. (But Kimbo’s in Spain now)

and i love all the
bartender jjs xoxo!

September 27, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

Well if you want to figure out who was playing when Yuan played from about 10.20-12.15 Then I played from 12-1.10??? whenever my laptop crashed actually it was a problem with the firewire card i have… will buy a usb audio interface in october.. Then Yuan played for 25 minutes or so then I played from more than anything-lethal industry. Yuan played after that until finally Mikkel wanted us to play some of his music that he had gave me in 192 kbps… So all that randomness at the end was me playing mikkel’s music without mixing haha. He loves eurodance stuff. I think everyone else including yuan and I hated it… Although infected mushrooms sounded good there. As for the taxi drivers in Tianjin… I told you people in Tianjin are much more friendly that in Beijing. Our next party should be November 6th. Next time will include free glowsticks for all!!! and new strobe light

September 28, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

coooolio. then i can fight against the darkness to have better vids
mikkel is euro and he loves to dance ahhh…so…


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