Elements of Ergo Proxy: II

February 23, 2015

Confession of a Fellow Citizen/Confession

In the beginning, the interrogator said unable to confirm Vincent’s claim that there is an infected Autoreiv case to handle. It’s unclear whether this refers to Pino or the one afterwards. Since as of now, Raul (appeared in an everything-under-control confidence) believed that Monad was going after Re-l and that the immigrants had nothing to do with it, there is no reason for the security bureau to frame Vincent up. So it must mean that the records were deleted by Proxy One the manipulator. And that makes sense because Proxy One would hate to see Vincent living a bland fellow citizen life. Vincent has to suffer and be rejected by the Romdeau society so as to be awakened.

Shortly before the center mall trip, Pino was seen rocking a toy to the baby in a scary look. (I do like her cute black dress a lot.) Her mother probably often turns her chat mode off, implying a cold, unkind relationship between them. At this stage there is almost no trace of how Pino and Raul regard each other, except that Pino calls Raul papa instead of father. In fact, at first I wasn’t even sure if Raul is the father of this family. When Raul and his wife made phone calls, it ever only shows one person and the voice of that person; it never makes it explicit that it’s these two people that are talking to each other. Add to that is that Raul was never seen being together with the family. The closest moment being when they were all in the center mall but never got to meet. To me it also works if Raul didn’t know them and he could simply be shocked to see the massacre. Because at that time I didn’t understand, if they were indeed family, how Raul could show no sign of grievance after witnessing the deaths of his wife and child. Now I can see that suppression of emotion does seem an essential element that makes a good citizen.

After the phone call, it’s curious to see Raul concealed his discovery from Kristeva that there were two proxies as opposed to one. Why would an exemplary fellow citizen do something unhonest like that? My guess is that in the previous episode, the regent did not respond to Raul’s request of information regarding the proxy and consequently, Raul felt like withholding this information from the regent. He might feel this extra little piece of intelligence could help him further his own investigation.

Back to Re-l, as nobody believed her testimony, she was instructed to see her physician by the intelligence bureau chief. As he saw Re-l leaving, his Autoreiv put her hand on his shoulder to remind him to say something proper. This detail illustrates how human heavily rely on Autoreivs. However the other side of this human-Autoreiv relationship is demonstrated by Re-l’s habitual ignoring what Iggy was saying while indulging in her own thoughts. Clearly human and Autoreivs are far from co-existence. Rather it’s an owner-servant relationship complicated by Autoreiv’s supervision function that sometimes cause human fear or resentment.

The climax of this episode consists of a series of events and human reactions, which occurs in the center mall. Raul was just watching Pino getting a red heart balloon for the new baby with his wife slowly ascending by accelerator, when some commotion caught his attention. First he saw an immigrant running in panic and bumping into random people. Then he was taken by shock: a monstrous looking creature he had never imagined appeared before everyone. The subsequent massacre including his wife’s throat being slit in an instant and the new baby falling down the accelerator to death, completely paralyzed Raul’s sense for a while. Thus is the vulnerable nature of human lives. Noteworthily, Pino’s beautiful prayer pose upon contact with Monad was carved into Vincent’s as well as the audience’s mind. While from another point of view, in Monad’s eyes there is nothing else but Ergo Proxy. She could sense him there, so she simply and recklessly pursued. In the end of the pursue, Monad reached out, her eyes radiating blue rays of happiness, while Vincent’s awakened inner self, with no reaction to her love but only perceiving another proxy closing in, became dominant. And Vincent slightly opened his eyes, displaying a scary face which instantly made him appear ten years older.

Meanwhile, for Raul who remained at the scene, he was once so close to the proxy that he sought for, yet he let her escape and in addition he let another disaster happen before his very eyes, all with total inaction. That must be a bitter taste of failure. He then mechanically turned to examine the security camera footage. The video stopped at the scene of Monad running after Vincent, the image zoomed in and fixed the focus on the face of Vincent Law. From this very moment, rather than thinking about the proxy, Raul fell into an unfathomable obsession with this immigrant, who symbolizes his failure and misfortune and signifies a turning point from which his life is slowly ruined. All this of course, could not be understood by me from Raul’s poker face on the first view.

Some other trivia.
At the same time, Re-L found Monad’s pendant in her former bathroom, on which an “XIII” mark is found on the back.
After being infected, Pino quietly went back home and waited on bed in her signature pink rabbit suit for her Papa. When she realized the ones coming into the house were the AR control personnels to dispose her, we are able to see the only moments of extreme fear displayed by Pino.

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