Elements of Ergo Proxy: III

February 28, 2015

Leap into the Void/Mazecity

After Vincent’s hostile glare at Monad at the end of the last episode, we are abruptly brought to a tram. It is intentionally made so so that the audience cannot be certain that Vincent is Ergo Proxy.  How did he end up there? My imagination tells me he and Monad fought all the way down to some little known underground location and killed her (where later Re-l discovered the body of Monad), all without being captured on any security camera.
In Vincent’s sad dream he recalled Mosko being invaded with Rapture bombardment. As is the nature of a dream, which is often a fusion of past memory and perceptions of reality projected to the dreamworld, that mysterious man Proxy One so naturally crossed from Mosko to the running tram that on the first view, I completely lost the point that he was indeed in the cabin and watched Vincent for a while before stepping out. But actually, there is even stronger evidence of his presence. The exact opening frames, in fact, show the shadow of Proxy One and his hand holding on to a pole. I didn’t notice this until the fifth view!
After reviewing this dream for a couple of more times, I noticed that Vincent was initially sitting on the chair. But after Proxy One left, he was on the floor! This is another fantastic depiction of dream: the body in reality sometimes responds to what happens in the dream. In this dream Vincent was hit and fell to the ground.

Switching to Re-l, since she found Vincent’s pendant in her bathroom she had been trying to reach him in vain. Then Iggy found some suspicious database access records and pushed to Re-l a window titled “Analysis of the access”. Well I am far from certain but the content appears to be HTML codes… If indeed it is, I wonder what page it generates. More importantly, what they figured out from this analysis is a mystery. Re-l mumbled “これは…” as if something dawned over her. מה מי מו? And then? これは何?? We only learned that an unknown account with high-level permission accessed intelligence bureau’s database many times within a short period of time. Is it security bureau or Proxy One? I guess it could be from Raul as he is now unmistakably bent on capturing Vincent.

As we speak of Raul, the scene switched to him alone at home in the darkness. Only now I understand, how playing piano with Pino a cherished memory of Raul’s is. Now his wife and child dead, his favorite Autoreiv is to be disposed of. And he is facing a crisis at work. All these translated into a single smash on the piano and his face twitched with misery.

As the focus cycles through the main characters, it’s Vincent’s turn again. Having received Dorothy’s call, Vincent returned to the AR facility. Pino’s photos were conspicuously shown on every computer screen with the label “in pursuit” bickering. I could remember I was very puzzled by Vincent’s being attacked by the security. It is understandable because I was in no where told that it’s a crime to kill an Autoreiv. As for who actually murdered Dorothy, in contrast to Re-l’s conclusion in the next episode that it’s the security bureau who framed Vincent up, I’m inclined to believe it’s Proxy One. If the security bureau wants to arrest Vincent, they could do it directly without all the tricks. Because he was seen on the security camera footage to be chased by the proxy. Naturally security bureau could at least order him to come for an interrogation, if not arrest him. On the other hand, it is always of Proxy One’s interest to mess up with Vincent.

Vincent meets Pino! It seems after infection, Pino started to establish a sense of self-awareness, indicated by her questions

Is Pino really Pino? Does Pino like to be Pino?

Her answering Re-l’s call in the stead of Vincent is absolutely cute. But at this point Vincent couldn’t care less about her. After the phone call, Vincent just let Pino tag along. Pino showcased her superhuman strength, which makes it all very reasonable in the last episode when she caught a free-falling Re-l by hand. And then she goes “待て待て!”

The discussion in the Regent’s chamber on Re-l’s behavior and the recent development confirms that Monad is killed by Vincent, from which they perceived the sway of the city. However, assuming the mere presence of a proxy, that is, without any complex instrumental set-up, is enough to provide power supply for a dome city, then currently Vincent as well as Proxy One are still inside. There shouldn’t be a power shortage or anomaly in the WombSys. It could be that the sway is a prediction, as opposed to an observation. In that case, perhaps the Regent still didn’t know if Monad is dead or alive.

Finally Re-l came to meet Vincent and Pino. I was still shocked that Re-l actually slapped Vincent. There is no justification for that! Through their quick exchange of words, Re-l learned that Vincent also saw the monster and Vincent first heard the word “Proxy”, spelled out through the intricate animation of Re-l’s lips. But no time for pondering, the security personnels suddenly surrounded them and Vincent misunderstood Re-l, thinking she deceived him just to lure him out. So he angrily thrust away Re-l’s hand and cried “Re-l Mayar” instead of the usual respectful “Re-l inspector”. At this critical moment, Pino unlocked the plug vent in her sweet composure. As she went after Vincent, Raul spotted her. His daughter is running away with no other guy than this Vincent! One can imagine his hatred towards Vincent climbed to a new apex.
Outside the dome. Hooray! Vincent’s coward hair style was totally blown away. Thinking that this is the last time he would ever see his goddess, Vincent opened his eyes and took a final gaze at Re-l. And Re-l for the first time saw his green eyes and very irritatingly uttered an incomplete sentence again “あいつ…” I thought perhaps Re-l noticed that he has the same eye color as the Proxy that she encountered. But evidence shows that in his proxy form, Ergo Proxy’s eyes are white without irises and pupils. (Whether this is true for other proxies remains to be seen in future reviews.) So maybe Re-l was simply surprised that Vincent’s eyes are actually openable.
In the end, Vincent let go of his holding and poetically leapt to embrace his end.


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