Elements of Ergo Proxy: IV

March 5, 2015

Signs of Future, Hades of Future/Futu-Risk

The meaning of the subtitle is very unclear to me. So let me just forget about that.
The episode opens with Re-l investigating Vincent’s former residence. The report of possible escape routes of the infected Autoreivs also contains personal information of Vincent. As I have been wondering since I read Re-l’s iPad, what on earth was the exact detail of Vincent’s personality hexagon chart. (Is 720p not enough?) One thing is for sure: it looks rather a twisted shape. I bet that can be an official certificate to prove he is a real mug.
As she sat on the bed, Re-l asked

What was he searching for, just before he resigned himself to death.

So I am able to confirm that she still thought Vincent dead at this moment.

As for Vincent, it is another lengthy struggle in a series of nightmares like it has always been after going through the transformation process. In this fragmented dream, apart from his impressive depiction of Re-l’s slid-off eye shadow, an important but brief scene of him killing/hurting Monad was shown, which was overlooked by me when I could barely figure out who is who. I’m certain when Vincent gave that bloody blow to Monad, he was in his proxy form. In his dream, he just substituted his current self into the memory.

After he finally got over this, through the conversation with Hoody, Vincent suddenly remembered he previously jumped from the dome. Then he got infuriated and couldn’t comprehend how come he is still alive. Hahaha, now that’s funny! You are a proxy, dude! And I have this speculation that Pino probably saw his transformation back there for the first time. She has good eye sight. But for Pino who only recently got a heart, she wouldn’t find it dreadful. To her it’s the same kind of discovery of how this world works as that a green centipede will move when poked by a stick.
Aside from centipedes, it’s suggested by Quinn that there are also plenty of rabbits. Perhaps that’s how the wind boat got its rabbit related name.

As Quinn was giving a lot of information about how this small commune lives off the warmth and garbage of the dome, a probe came flying over to execute its daily routine. Before Quinn was able to tell him that Autoreivs are not targeted, Vincent ran to Pino’s rescue and neatly shot dead that probe. Just then, a creepy smile appeared at Vincent’s mouth corner which is totally incompatible with a mug person. Does he have a personality disorder even when he’s conscious? In any case, by finishing off this probe, Vincent revealed his continued existence to Raul and consequently to Re-l as well.

Having been baptized in a new kind of experience called agony in the previous episode, Raul found himself getting increasingly emotional, as if contracted Cogito Virus. He now doesn’t even care about the proxy anymore as he firmly believes Vincent holds the key to everything.

Around the same time, Re-l showed Daedalus the body of Monad. Such is the end of Monad, sigh. A huge hole on her chest. She died upside down, entangled in industrial cables. Never got to reunite with her lover again.
Daedalus couldn’t believe an undying proxy with Amrita cells can be killed. Re-l then went on to tell him another proxy killed her. Since Daedalus knows what Re-l had witnessed so far was probably true, he had all the reason to believe this statement of Re-l too. Perhaps it’s from this moment on, Daedalus came to know of the existence of a second proxy.


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