Elements of Ergo Proxy : V

March 14, 2015


Timothy is the opening and ending character of this episode. He is a harmless boy, who taught Pino directly or indirectly some important life lessons. But his voice was of a developed teenager in pubescence. Looks like he is overprotected by Quinn that he still acted like a small child. And in the end when he looked at Pino diving, his face especially his enlarged nostrils somehow remind me more of a voyeur than anything.

As they played and drew pictures, the sound of gunfire was heard afar. The resulting casualty was what was shown right after the OP. And the antipathy towards Vincent among the older residents started to grow. So again, Vincent found himself unwelcome by yet another community. Just as a riot was about to break out, Hoody cheerfully lied to those idiots and saved Vincent.
Quinn was worried that Hoody was telling lies upon lies that it would get to some critical point where everything loses control. Hoody certainly didn’t have a long term strategy to cope with all these. But look just how humorously this crisis was solved by Re-l’s visit. There actually came a negotiator from Romdeau! More comical than Hoody’s doodled face.
The “negotiation” is both funny and information rich. Judging from Hoody’s sensational faces and hesitant fingers, he probably didn’t know very well what proxy is. But his words also contained some degree of truth. His knowledge could come from the books – Hoody loves reading. I doubt he has personally came into contact with a living proxy, since he was originally from Romdeau. Re-l probably also figured out he was just bragging out loud. So in spite of her strong interest in proxies, she just went on and ignored Hoody.
Oh but the most hilarious part was the “exchange” of words between Hoody and Re-l. Someone has designed a perfect conversation for Re-l and Daedalus so that everything Re-l said seemed like unconditional agreement to Hoody. Confused but more driven into ecstasy by the unexpectedly smooth diplomatic victory, Hoody’s mind was instantly disabled when the next second Re-l started talking about some cleanup operation. He couldn’t grasp anything that had came to pass except that he correctly felt the danger was real. So he seized Vincent as his last straw of hope. And his face spoke of utter desperation.

As Vincent was trailing after Re-l towards her aircraft, he asked “Can I really go back to the old life”. He wasn’t seeking reassurance as Re-l thought. But that was a more fundamental self-questioning. Re-l diverted his philosophical line of thought by supplying him the only realistic option: back to Romdeau. But that wasn’t what Vincent wanted. Just then, perhaps inspired by the word “going back”, he suddenly had this idea of going back to Mosko, to where he thought he originally belonged.
But before he could entertain this idea, he spotted security bureau’s drone. Soon both of them were cornered to a dire situation. Re-l tried to rescue Vincent, who was on the verge of falling off the cliff, at the same time also to fend off the attack from the probe. But she was hit and paralyzed by her broken “space” suit. And then as I’m pleased to see, Vincent’s self-rescue program was triggered (right at the bottom of the cliff where nobody could see him) and for just a blink of an eye, Ergo Proxy blasted out and flew before Re-l’s eyes like a missile. To be frank, this flash was so short that at first I just had this vague idea that something strange happened. But then I quickly dismissed it. Simply put, I didn’t realize that was a proxy Re-l saw! The real highlight of this episode, easily missed on me…

But the suspicious part of it is that when Re-l got out of her suit to examine what happened at the bottom of the cliff, Ergo Proxy retired just in time to let her see an unconscious Vincent floating on the water. If this can be explained away by saying Ergo Proxy only came out to kill the probe that threatened him, then what about the probe’s camera? Its camera certainly should have captured everything Vincent did. Raul was able to read out Vincent’s face in the last few frames of the first probe Vincent killed. Now this second probe even pursued Ergo Proxy for a second after his transformation. So by now everybody inside the dome should have known that Vincent can transform to Ergo Proxy. But there doesn’t seem to be any indication in the coming episodes! Ah okay, I guess the many bullets Vincent and Re-l shot at the probe didn’t really go wasted. Its camera was probably still working but the transmission unit was likely damaged.

Finally let me collect some cute moments: 1) Pino stretching her rabbit ears after reproducing Timothy’s drawing in the beginning and 2) Pino pretending to be a Maneki Neko after doodling Hoody’s face.

Another side note on the name of Centzon Totochtin that first appeared in this episode. Wikipedia says it means 400 rabbits in Aztec mythology. Hoody simply read too many books. One only has to recall that Joe Bousquet episode.