September 2, 2009

Some English people laid a tape unto a bit of special graphite to stick the first layer. Just like what my former desk mate in high school was excellent at, they tore the layer away like she did to the mistakes on exercise book. After a few rounds, only one layer of graphite was left under the microscope, given a new name ‘Graphene’. The picture is quite familiar. Hexagon grids extend themselves on two dimensions. That poor little instinct that derived from a three-year training automatically instructs my brain processor to figure out: the molecular weight of graphene is 24, each carbon atom has one free electron so that it conducts electricity perfectly.


Then something real happens.

Cut out a certain shape from the layer and make a ball, here comes the zero dimensional objects, the famous fullerene of a 60g/mol weight

Cut out a rectangle and roll it up like my fav tuna sushi in 711, I cannot say one-dimensional carbon nano-tube is less famous.

Apart from being a preliminary material for further build of fullerene and nano-tube, the most exciting facts(for me) lies on the comparison with current silicon material. Both being 2 dimensional, graphene inherits superior conductivity of graphite, with its electrons move at a speed of 1/300 c in a bullet track. Naturally people start to consider building circuits on it to make it a chip, faster, cooler and smaller. The obvious advantage has already attract large sums of money from IBM and Intel


But it creates confusions. What they looks at is always far more edging than what they sell us. I always forget it. I’m obsessed with the seemingly gorgeous deposition that actually is going to die this way. Same way as I feel about everything else, HHD huh? New techniques- conservative or high-end, improvements or innovation- the flowers blossom all over the world that I couldn’t even see them clearly. I lost interest in buying a hard drive. I look down upon it. I look down upon everything electronic on sale. I’m over… what do I do? I don’t want to come down to earth

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