Has Anydody Heard of A Dad

August 24, 2009

who discourages her daughter from readin russell and spinoza but tries to make her watch tv? yes i have. i literally watched dad did so.
im frustrated.i read bout science scifi history but now my hand reaching out for philosophy is held back. dad said i experience too little to understand the abstract words.dad said if i wanted to broaden my mind there were much more to read but spinoza was less important. dad said most of the thoughts were outdated. from any point of view it’s a waste of time,not a ‘wise choice’.
tell me whats the purpose of reading? should i read to serve my AP in school? to serve the society the country the people? or to serve my own pure interest and curiosity?! how would you decide what’s important for me?
no idea, chaos in mind, fucked up

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