Hello world! [Hello kitty!]

September 20, 2010

Some of you who have landed on my blog  of a wide open space few days back might be marveled at the quantity of blog entries erupted overnight. And take a second look at it, what? You’ve been blogging here since 2006?

No, I imported it all from my previous blog on live spaces. Many thanks to the python guy who offered amazing scripts for us to export live spaces blogs as xml files, and myrice who spared me all kinds of strange errors with simply his talent 🙂 And thanks to all the guys who have helped along the way.

So, *this* is genuinely the first post of my new blog. NanoCorrection 2.0 is directly inherent from the previous NanoThoughtsCorrection hosted on live  spaces. I will keep on moving. Be open-minded, be careful, be reason. milandroid has a self-examine scheme.

By the way, shall we say Hello kitty instead when coding? Hello world is sort of yesterday 😛


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