Jetstream and Sasha

December 5, 2009
DJ Spark was warming up the show when we finished drinking juice. He played some quality house tracks without too much incitement. I enjoyed his playlist and tried to give some positive feedback. But too bad is that people in front of me shouted at him "Where is Sasha". Ya, Sasha didn’t show up until about actually one a.m ๐Ÿ™ Anydody would complain about that.

But when Sasha finally came out, all the impatience turned to craziness. All the surge of cameras cellphones were also repressed by disgusting security guards (again!) ๐Ÿ˜› Sasha started his show with merely strong bass that suddenly dived deep down from Spark’s upper drum beats. The first part was mainly progressive house. One of my favourite tracks I took a video of was filled with "those twinkly sounds" that sasha has been loving over the years. The melodies were so driving that I felt my body was softened! After the progressive part, came the first track I ever recognized in this show.ย 

I actually recognized it before it formally began, that is when the ethereal synth floated in and immediately I pointed my finger to the sky and claimed "Coma! Coma! Coma!" while it seemed nodody had been able to understand Coma was acutally coming and they turned back and looked at me wondering what’s happening lol. But as the complete version started, everydody together screamed. Felt like the waves of summer heat crushing over the dancefloor it just felt fantastic! I find this remixed version of Coma especially magically fit in the club. It has both the ethereal synth and the tricky drum beats that incite the crowd.ย 

After that was mainly tech house. Frankly I went there firstly for experiencing tech house live. And I did discover the magic of tech house in live show. Those sophisticated construction might not be so driving for us to dance like crazy. While the intriguing subtle sounds just trickily appeared behind my head, and went from my right ear to the left, then from the left to the right and on and on. They were like the bubbles that fell from the ceiling, I tried to catch them but they disappeared when touched!

The most touching moment was Doves – Jetstream (Sasha Remix). Before going to Coco Banana, in my hotel room I played this track over and over again. So much in love with it! I expected Sasha to play it and he did! When the vocalist of Doves read the first line of the lyrics, I jumped up and sang along appearing totally insane. Struggled to keep my right hand in the air, struggled to keep balance not to fall off, struggled to make my voice even louder and struggled to breathe to keep alive! This bold action even made Sasha take a glimpse at me haha! I love this track for its full and rich outpouring of emotions. It’s extraordinarily English. Can’t imagine someone else could compose a track like this other than British musicians. And the live version was even more overwhelmingly overwhelming. I believe everyone was lost in the "silent jet at night, roar of the engine in the air…"

I couldn’t recover myself for quite a while after the climax in fact. The last part was a mixture of club oriented and pure musically beautiful tracks. I spent most of the time listening quietly and taking shots of the surroundings as many as I could. It was blissful but not so special. At about four a.m. the final beat stopped. And I took the signed poster with me and left ๐Ÿ™‚

Some other aspects here.

Found Sasha wasnt that contagious type of DJ. Unlike the raver Chris Liebing or energetic BT, he scarcely had eye contact with people. But of course he was well informed of what’s going on down there on the ย dancefloor and could detect how we reacted. And he was also skillful at making sound effects. How ignited I was when forced out of regularity by those exciting destortion and deconstrution of beats! Sadly only a few of us felt the tricks. In one of the video, barely me and another guy fainted and hailed for that, which catched eyeball’s of questions around us-_-b Didn’t it feel disappointing?

At 30 minutes or so the music had a brutal stop accidentally. I saw sasha say "come on" and we clapped our hands as if it was us that brought the music back ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

It sucked when tall people standed STILL before us. They not only destroyed my vision but also the dancing atmosphere! I remember a hardcore sasha fan girl beside me angrily hit two people aside as the two impolitely pushed her away not for enjoying the music.ย 

And those security guys were loathsome as always, they warned us that next time we’d be wiped out of the dancefloor if continue to take photos. What the fuck do they think they are X(

In any ways, this is such a wonderful and memorable night. A good guy gave me the poster and helped me get the sign. And most importantly, the most moving live set ever attended was created by Sasha. He was still so cool after so many years!
December 6, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

great review. sounds like you enjoyed it! I bought the Jetstream Sasha Remix after reading this. Great remix… You should also check out his mix of Earthquake (Little Boots) and Hate Myself (Pole Folder) – both are excellent, I bought them after seeing him DJ in Osaka on Thursday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

December 6, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

Ya, Hate Myself is definitely delicate.And High Life/Low Life. Haven’t heard Earthquake. Got to find it now ๐Ÿ™‚


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