Kill All Cotton Bollworms

September 11, 2009

Traditionally, one possible method to tackle crop-harming
insects is to grow transgenetic plants. In that condition, the newly introduced
gene produces poisonous substances for target insecs so that once they eat the
plants they die. This was introduced by Mr.Wu in high school long ago. While he
also commented that as time went by, the poison would no longer be effective
due to the same reason as that of failure of pesticides

However, I read an interesting piece about an advanced
method, also transgene tho. Nature headlined it as “RNA interference tackles
insect control”, a sickening cover of a big round fat green+black cotton
ballworm twisting itself…(the most disgusting and terrible creature imo). The
experiment is based on a new discovered dsRNA adjustion and control scheme.
These double-chained RNA consisting of 21-25 bases can disable corresponding
DNA points, dismantle certain mRNA or impede gene translation/expression
activities. According to this work principle, some scientists from shanghai
institute of life science chose a gene serial from cottom bollworm and
introduced it to plants’ body. Strangely these cottons as plants successfully
expressed those genes from an animal, and the corresponding dsRNA also came
out. As the contributors eat the cottons, the dsRNA quickly came to work and
diisabled the worms

I appreciate this method indeed for its contribution to
making disgusting creature extinct. Although theoritically, we can say the
worms still have a chance to survive if some of them fortunately get a
varietion of that gene serial. And secondly to my little disappointment, the
results were not fatal. They said it was just “slower growth” or better “no
growth”…aannggg… well in any ways I believe if the chosen gene be more crucial
for the bollworms, there’d be less chance they survive. This certainly is a
cleverer way than traditional transgenetic ones. Then I can kill all the ctton
bollworm all the worm then there’s nothing I fear of in this world hahahahah…

רגע רגע! Something
is wrong

I remember one prerequisite for the former success of
transgenetic method is that the poison produced by plants is micromolecules.
Mr.Wu told us the reason why we didn’t end up becoming pigs after eating port
is that the DNA of pig cells are broken into loads of single tibonucleotides
that be reused by our cells to assemble our genes. If so, how did those dsRNAs
manage to get through the worms’ digestion before it finaly reach  the nucleolus to launch attack? Are you
kidding me, Mr.Scientsts? /_

September 18, 2009 @ 5:55 pm

Hey Happy New Year!!! Don’t forget to eat appels with honey hahahaha! Shana Tova!

September 20, 2009 @ 5:55 pm

YAY! I did it! שנה טובה!


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