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January 26, 2009

With the ending of the Operation Cast Lead, it’s time for me to do a summary. Knowing I don’t know much enough to be qualified to say how I see the operation, however still I can’t help writing for a night here. At least, I can say I know a little more than some people. I cast the majority of my play time onto this issue and I receive information from various sources, trying to avoid being misled by any of those sources. With the acknowledgement that I’m pro-Israeli, I accept some kind people’s advices to try to walk in Palestinian’s shoes. Though little difference have I found in seeing the thing. To clarify the truth, I’d organize my words according to the ‘data base’ I build, in which are the main challenges I met and collected.



* They say it’s not a counter-terrorism operation. Some even claim it’s Israel that is the biggest terrorist.

*supportive statements/evidences

 There’s a population of 1.5 million in only 300 sq km area. Regardless of such high density of population, Israel insisted entering Gaza, resulting in more than one thousand people killed; including hundreds of them innocents- I’ll discuss the exact figure later. The innocents are certainly not terrorists, so this couldn’t be counter-terrorism.


 As has been stated many times, to Israel, one civilian’s death or injury is too much. The reason why the operation lasts so long as up to 3 weeks is to minimize the casualty figures of civilians. For example when a pilot is ordered to attack a target, he will still check out the distance from residents’ homes, how many civilians there are around again though these information has already been confirmed by ground intelligence, which is as important as the location and the danger level of that target, which can determine whether to attack it or not. But let’s see what Hamas did. They never care their people. Gunmen dress in residents’ clothing. They hide weaponry in residential houses and even mosques. Hamas utilizes the density of population to camouflage themselves and their weaponry. They use human shields! What a shame! IAF delivered papers requesting Gaza residents’ runaway. Those who doesn’t co-operate, unfortunately, should take responsibility themselves. Moreover, Hamas senior leaders hide underground quickly, leaving the residents on the ground, exposed to danger.

This is what the situation literally looks like. Under this condition, the only conclusion we can draw is that the humanitarian crisis is due to Hamas not IDF; Hamas invited Israel’s attack and never takes any measure to protect its people.

*from Palestinian people’s angle

They should believe it too however unwilling they are, as long as they use their minds to think.

First, if Israel is the biggest terrorist, it’s able to make a holocaust to revenge in one day to compensate for the Israeli lives lost in the past 8 years.

Second, Israel can’t be that stupid to ruin its global reputation, to do harm to its international relationships and to waste missiles on targets without any threat

*so this is a counter-terrorism operation. The goal is to destroy Hamas’ ability of conducting terrorist activities and to change the politicalmilitary etc. conditions on the ground.

*casualty figures

 As I read on sina news, by the end of the operation, the death toll has reached 1250, approximately half of which are innocents including over 100 women and over 400 children. If it’s true, I’ll be shouldering a heavy burden for my conscience. Anyway, IDF directly caused their death. But the statistics’ source wasn’t specified. Remembering Operation Defensive Shield in Jenin,” then, there was first talk of 1,500 deaths. But then it turned out that there were only 54, 45 of which were armed men.”, I feel it this time also quite suspicious.


The most ridiculous thing is the figure from Hamas officials. They claimed only 46 members are killed and the rest is made up of all civilians! And even more absurd and laughable, there ARE people and media believe them. Just by watching some youtube videos uploaded by IDF spokesman and simply counting how many gunmen are killed, you’ll realize the absurdity of Hamas’ figure


I’ll wait for a UN report and an Israeli official report.



*they say Hamas is not terrorist organization

*supportive statements/evidences

 1. Hamas is elected government legally and democratically

   *the response from Amos Nadai is:” it’s only a seemingly democratic election. Hamas has been identified as a terrorism organization long long ago (1989 by Israel, 2001 by the U.S.A and the EU). There isn’t any democratic regime in the world would allow a terrorist organization to participate in election. So its government is not that legitimate.

I find this reply not persuasive enough. So I’d add some supplementary material. Palestinian democracy allowed Hamas’ participation because, IMO, people just don’t realize its terrorist essence or the danger of supporting such an organization. They stick on their own bitterness and hope Hamas would revenge for them, without allowing for the realistic results this would bring.


Hamas’ political principle is based on Islamic teachings, claiming Palestine the land that Lord gave to Muslims. Israel has no right to exist and must be destroyed. They claim that only by fighting against Israel can they solve the problem, while all the other proposals and international conferences are a waste of time.

Of course I don’t mean we can define it as a terrorist organization by its principles. However it’s apparent to see, their activities are accurately instructed by the rules mentioned above. Human bomb, rockets launching, these terrorist activities for so many years are the evidence of terrorism. How could one deny the fact and argue about it’s a legal government?


 2. The rockets used are all home-made by Hamas itself (but surely with technical support from Iran). They have neither accuracy nor threats. Their acts are just signs that people are conveying their rage against invaders and their wishes to liberate their country.

*these words are laughable. According to the details I obtained, these adapted Russian Scuds do have a low accuracy and reliability, but can reach a range up to 40 km. Within the range are Ashdod, Ashkelon and the 4th largest city in Israel – Be’er Sheva. If you’re interested in how IDF spokesman describes the enemy’s weaponry, you’ll hear he exaggerating “Hamas’ weapons are very advanced!”

To be reserved, even if all the Qassams fell in open area without causing any casualty, does it mean it could get rid of the crime it committed? Don’t cheat yourself. Technically we call it attempted crime. Treating residents for shock is enough terror.

And who are invaders? What’s the liberation of their country? Palestine officially acknowledged the State of Israel 16 years ago. And 3 years ago IDF withdrew from Gaza Strip completely. Where the fuck do you see an invader?

*to see it from a Palestinian resident’s angle, he should have kept in mind the way to express his anger to his neighbor is not setting fire at neighbor’s yard but to solve the problem in a legal way.

*in this section, we see the formidable and ambitious principle of Hamas. And it seems hamas well never give up violence whatever hardship it meets. And again I recall of those miserable stories happened during the withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Behind the heavy sadness and endless tears is such honest anticipations for peace! And then this.

It seems those sorrow and tears didn’t deserve anything. Sometimes it might make us ask: was it wrong? Only Ariel Sharon knows.



*a British newspaper argued that the death tolls on two sides aren’t proportional. It’s unfair.

*and this “logic” gains some popularity!

Here, Nadai can kick their asses at ease: Hamas has always been using rockets aiming at residential targets. If we’d be “proportional”, we should also target civilians. But we never do that (if there’s anybody absent-minded still try to remind me of the civilian deaths, he should go back to review section I first)

Here’s the equation, the left side of which are the armed men assaulting southern Israel; the right side of which, so correspondingly, is IDF with the purpose of destroying their assaulting ability and creating a new situation for cease-fire. The equation model “death toll P = death toll I” is undoubtedly childish and short-sighted.

However, the limitation of striking accuracy and Hamas’ intentional utilization of human shields lead to inevitable civilian casualties. Israel has no way to go. Under this circumstance, people shouldn’t condemn Israel further.



*other voices heard are “not every Hamas member is guilty.” “Violence, after all, is immoral.”


Maybe not every of them has experiences of terrorist activities, just like not every of German soldiers in World War II was bad guy. But they were serving the organization so they were threats. This doesn’t make sense of legitimacy problem.

Everybody normal knows violence is bad. But after trying all diplomatic means, they’re still using violence against Israel, tell me what else can Israel do. Just like in China, some criminals were accused to death. This is violence, too. But in order to keep the society stable, we have to kill them.



During the 3 weeks, the craziest people, IMO, are not Iranian nor Sakorzy but the European with special love of demonstrations.

Yes, I agree there’s a humanitarian crisis and am terribly sorry for that. But what are the ultimate factors that cause the effect? Who’s responsible for that? They’re so unrelenting and never think of a little deeper. So I doubted their real motivation. There’s almost no doubt now the reason why their sympathy floods over the continent is that they need this action to satisfy their inner demands. This demand is they want to convince themselves that they are noble humanists. They’ve reached a high level of civilization and cannot tolerant any inhumanity. With the flowers of demonstrations blossom here and there on the continent, they finally believe they represent the highest level of civilization on the earth now. and isn’t it what Hamas needs to derive political benefits? This drama of exploiting each other sucks! That might explain why some people believe in the casualty figures provided by Hamas- in fact they don’t care whether it’s true or not.




People say violence can never find the resolution to the problem. Maybe they’re right.

And some people say it seems the cycle will continue until one of both sides is wiped out, seems that one won’t be Israel. I sometimes agree.


Nevertheless, I suppose it’s “cognitive level” the key problem rather than violence itself. In the case when Israel’s offensive operation can only arouse Palestinian hatred and rage, violence will play negatively; otherwise? What if Palestinians think a little more? As I’ve mentioned above, even if seeing things from their perspective, their thoughts didn’t reach the level they could have just by thinking wisely of some basic common sense. So do those who get easily driven by pictures transmitted from the hell but never try to find the truth behind them.


So in a sense, it depends on people’s ‘cognitive level’. When they decide to use brain not emotion to think, things might change.

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