Meeting With IAI Officials

July 23, 2011

So the compulsory visit to aircraft manufacturing corporations in Shenyang is meant to be of pure boredom. We started countdown the day we arrived.

However, the second Monday here was remarkable. We finally changed our course and headed for shop 39. It belongs to Shenyang Civil Aircraft Corporation. The ongoing projects here involve assembly of B737 afterbody, B787 leading edge of vertical tail and, most exciting of all, modification of B747 and B767 for Israel Aviation Industries. I was put on high alert the moment I smell something related to IAI here. I never knew IAI has a Bedek Group which deals with civil aircrafts.

The majority of the room is taken up by this project, which aims at modifying commercial airliners to freighters: skins to be thickened, frames to be strengthened, doors to be enlarged etc. There were documents available for instruction. With those paper directly sent from IAI, I was a bit excited and felt privileged. They specify that 29 items are to be improved, which fasteners, bolts to be replaced, how beams are to be modified etc. The designers in Israel had made everything clear and workers here make it reality accordingly.

As I observed every part carefully, I saw a man walking by. His T-shirt read “IAI-SAC” in the front, and “B747 ASSY” on the back. I was pretty sure he’s an Israeli and works for IAI. I hesitated, not knowing if he was hurrying to work, or if I should try to communicate. But look, he was going to disappear behind the door up to the second floor. I thought I should at least say hello to him, an Israeli working in the leading aviation industry in Israel(and in the world). So I ran up to him and said “Shalom”. Then things work out as it should be. A brief self-introduction and expression of great interest about his country. Shortly after that I was invited to his office for a talk. His name is Emanuel (Amy).

The office isn’t big. There’s a large Israeli flag pinned on the wall, which to me is a what-a-big-eye-candy” thing. Above the flag were some pictures of Israeli cities. I could recognizeJerusalemwith the Kotel. On the right side of my seat was a whiteboard, recording missing parts and other work stuffs.

My heart was bumping happily. And we talked extensively about almost everything. He encouraged me to speak in Hebrew. And for the first time I heard someone said to me “את יפה” 😀 I replied with “תודה” and this time with a correct stress position. We talked about Technion Aerospace Engineering. It sounded to me is the most valuable source for aviation industries in Israel, just like BUAA for Chinese aviation. Amy showed me a picture of Haifa hung on the wall and told me Technion locates at the top of the city. There are three other pictures of Jerusalem as well.

Amy was quite surprised at my knowledge and enthusiasm about Israel. Later when his colleague, Moshe, came in, Amy happily introduced me to him. And he didn’t forget to add “She loves tuna pita!” However, when they communicated in Hebrew, or when they answered phone call back from Israel, I could hardly understand anything. Anyway, it already made me feel like flying being in such a Hebrew atmosphere.

For a while we also discussed some academic problems. I used to read a little about challenges toward Bernoulli’s law, which is widely applied in engineering nowadays. Challenges came from many angles. Some saysNewton’s law can explain the lift very well, and puts it more simply than Bernoulli’s law does, and both have the same physical essence. Some says Coenda Effect does not stand, and this theory should be discarded in pure research while only remains as an engineering method. I myself haven’t study every saying deeply. And currently I believe in what the school teaches me – that is the authority saying. But I remain open to other possibilities. However, Moshe said the current theory of generation of lift is not a theory, but a fact. Well, that’s fine for me at least for now. Maybe I’ll study other saying when I go back home.

After staying there for an hour, it was time for me to join my classmates to go back. Amy suggested we exchange phone numbers. He said he was going toBeijingin August and might have time to contact me. I squeezed out my phone number in Hebrew in great difficulty from my memory, of course spending much time doing this =P Really hope we could see each other in Beijing, or maybe in Israel, again:)

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