Nami’s Simple Words

October 7, 2012

In Skypiea arc, there are mainly two peoples, Shandian, originally blue-sea dwellers living in their ancient city Shandra, and sky people. After Shandra’s flight to Skypiea realm by the knock-up stream, the soil-worshiping sky people took control of the land and expelled Shandians. Since then, the war between the two peoples have lasted for 400 years.

When Gan Fall, former god of Skypiea, Aisa, a little Shandian girl, and Nami and Luffy got stuck in the giant snake’s stomach, Aisa tries to fight Gan Fall, who says he is willing to offer his life if that would distinguish her anger. Then what touches my heart happens:

Aisa hesitated for a while, but still insisted to kill Gan Fall. At the very moment, Luffy stopped her and says:

The matter is as simple as that. But it takes 400 years to solve. Is it what’s going to happen here?

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