No Aang It’s Zuko

June 19, 2009
Just finished watching The Avatar:the last air bender. But I dont really like Aang–because he has a crush on Katara that’s definately sickening!! How could an avatar be with a motherly and cheesy woman? Emotion always blinds her. And Aang shows too much wisdom to be a child-_-.
Zuko debut as the biggest evil in the beginnin. but i began to like him after his self struggling in his mind came under the limelight. The episode in which the 4 fire nation kids spent a wonderful night in Ember Island is absolutely one of my favs, if not my fav. Zuko’s anger and confusion got fully released with resplendent fire! Even the second biggest devil in this story, Azura, turned out to be so lovely there! Everytime I think of she went off like "together we’ll be the strongest couple in the entire historyyyyyy"(or so) with such screepy and formidable look i just can’t help chuckling! And when the 4 most powerful kids in the fire nation show off their nature, it feels nothing wrong at all to destroy the party. Sometimes it can be so cool to watch massive destruction. Classic!
Also loving Zuko’s girlfriend May and his graceful mother. May is actually painted in a different way than any other one. Cool hairstyle? She almost doesnt care anything so she always looks calm and cold. That’s the quality that fascinates me. Oh the most importantly, she has a sweet hoarse voice. Gorgeous! Zuko’s mother unfortunately married to a monster. But I think that couldnt be the reason why there’s always sentimental shadow in her eyes.
Tho most i like are the fire nation characters, there is a little girl from earth nation(possibly ba sing se?). I love it when Toff’s cute voice splashed off with a blast of devastating laughters.
Well just talking about some lieks and dislieks. it’s fun. so what’s my next project?

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