Report:Infected Mushroom@Tango

May 29, 2009

Got there at 22. after an hour of freaking minimal and another of house, i saw the group appeared in the corner while nobody noticed it. i rushed to duvdev. he was so kind to have a warm picture with me hahah! then they stepped onto the main stage as you can imagine everydody screamed like crazy

Roughly they played tracks according to the single rls years. trax from B.P Empire, IM the Supervisor and Vicious Delicious were all played. Everytime a familiar track appeared i went faint. and also they performed their first single,not their forth coming single "smashing the opponent" tho.
This was the first time i attend such an amazing and fresh live set! with all these outfit similar to a rock band, they played psy trance live!! i love duvdev’s broad gesture ,body language and his psychedelic facial expression, both a rapper and a rocker and of course something unique as an psy trance vocalist! and it interested me. i thought the pronunciation of "rrrrremind" (remind) in their tracks was stutter-edited by software. but duvdev exactly produced the same sound live! think that might be every hebrew-speakers skill? 
However my fav I.Zen looked quite calm~ he didnt do anything inciting.but it was he that remained all the psy elements by playing keyboards. i think it was his sounds that made us dizzy, and the rest were all driving us frantic like hell. 
i’m not familiar with the other non-israeli additional musicians, the drum player and the guitarist. the friend i chilled with thought the guitarist cool to death. chek out my photo album and u’ll see. 
oh yes, as to say friends! when i was waiting for infected mushroom’s appearance, i noticed 2 familiar figures. i stared at them for a minute and one of them turned to me. and then ,wow amazing thing. it was real. it was Michael and Will again!! Soooo nice to see them again , really surprised:)
well back to the concert. the most moving part should be the last two tracks. when the tune of becoming insane gradually fade in, i almost wanted to burst into tears but…after such vigorous jumping and shouting i was so close to dehydration tht there was no extra water for me to produce tears. we together sang "wake me up before life change again, rrrrrremind me the rrrrrreason that i wont get insane…" and we repeated the word "insane", which is certainly the biggest banner of the whole set!
with the end of the track, they seemed to leave. we spontaneously shout together" we want more we want more" and then the limelight flashed again. the group members were back with "special place" taken also frm vicious delicious. that was a real thing!
After the performance , again i rushed to the dark corner where the members will came out. immediately i saw my fav I.Zen i requested a photo with him. He said sure and we had a photo together—–wow, just wow, oh yay!!
Summary: booookoooo fun there!

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