Res. 3379

March 7, 2010

Not going to showcase what I have carefully achieved in the extensive reading inspired by their “Apartheid Week” and others alike. What’s really going on here right now is a very emotional thing. Among the materials I read regarding this issue is ‘Israel Has Its Faults, But Apartheid Isn’t One of Them’ by Richard Cohen. In his article I learnt about UN Resolution 3379 in 1975. Proposed by major Arab countries, the resolution identified Israel as an apartheid country like South Africa. I was really shocked that a ridiculous idea like this, proposed by the most apartheid countries could be approved. I say so because by definition, these countries that discriminate Jews like that are apparently apartheid. And I was really angry that again, china was among those who voted yes. Shame on all of them.

In the wiki page of Res. 3379, there’s a section “The Israeli Response”. Reading the speech delivered by then Israeli ambassador to the UN after approval of Res. 3379, I feel that I was living at that time, in the meeting hall, knowing more than half of the world simply closed their eyes, didn’t ever care about the naked fact. And I couldn’t help feeling cold outside. The ambassador said

"I can point with pride to the Arab ministers who have served in my government; to the Arab deputy speaker of my Parliament; to Arab officers and men serving of their own volition in our border and police defense forces, frequently commanding Jewish troops; to the hundreds of thousands of Arabs from all over the Middle East crowding the cities of Israel every year; to the thousands of Arabs from all over the Middle East coming for medical treatment to Israel; to the peaceful coexistence which has developed; to the fact that Arabic is an official language in Israel on a par with Hebrew; to the fact that it is as natural for an Arab to serve in public office in Israel as it is incongruous to think of a Jew serving in any public office in an Arab country, indeed being admitted to many of them. Is that racism? It is not! That… is Zionism."

He said it with dignity, with indignation and grief. And I choked. After the speech, he tore the copy of the resolution into two and left. And I burst into tears. Simply no words can reach the depth of how pathetic this thing is.

Even though the stupid resolution was revoked in 1991, 16 years after it was approved and was the only one being revoked in the UN history, I still feel unfair that how late it came. The damage is done. I can understand how would Israel see the world after being treated like that from then on. I should insist, and I still insist that any country abide by law- the international law, that any country listen to the UN- though from legal perspective it might not be that persuasive. But from what I see I’m a little afraid. How do the world enforce the international law. To what extent can the world punish the country that break the rule effectively… Weakness, selectiveness, all this makes me feel afraid.

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