Russia has been more and more hate

December 23, 2008
As I’ve recently been frequently reminded by Haaretz that Russia is talking to all the Arabs around us except for Egypt. They supply

Lebanon 10 MiG-29.—-Certainly I consider it a trick as 10 MiG-29s just don’t amount to anything , I think what they really need are SAMs! (I know it’s easy to repel these aircrafts with our Raptors in Ace Combat X) It seems too early for them to fly to Israel haha. But what makes me feel intolerable is that they provide Iran with advanced surface-to-air missiles S300s.The evil Russia Gov’s seeking influence in Mideast apparently. But note! We’re considering sell them our drones. Ironic!
As to say the US, they also feel threatened by these actions allowing for their troops in Iraq.
Again, Russia has been more and more hate

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