Similarities: Iran and China

October 1, 2009

Since four months ago or so I have already noticed Iran just so much resembles China.

Before June, tons of tweeples turned their twitter profile picture into green.
The aim was to support the Iranian protest against presidential election
results, which was allegedly a cheating. Followed that was a twitter+ facebook
down in Iran. And in the beginning of June, an expected tougher censorship
befell here as we marked the 20th anniversary of a tragic incident.
Experiencing hard time living on the web, I felt deeply connected with Iranian
people /_

There are things much more than that. As national holiday approaches, I was
surprised to find out that Iran had their military parade several days ago. The
reason they did it is quite amusing- they celebrate the victory of Iran-Iraq
War in early 80s annually. In the celebration, they tested Shahab and Sajill
medium to long range missiles. The currently most advanced long range two-stage
missile Sajill was reportedly (by Iranian media) successful, it reaches Israel
and part of Europe and may be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Iranian parade
that worries the international counterparts just sounds like a prologue for
China’s more epic parade in Tienanmen Square tomorrow. The most concerned
weapon on show is Dongfeng D-21 anti-ship missile, satellite navigated, poses
threat to possible deployment of U.S aircraft carrier.

This is not only a coincidence of parade, but also a reflection of similar
defense strategy. Both being developing countries, Iran faces Israel Air Force
while China faces US Marine. To cope with that, development of aircrafts or
navy requires much more investment and is too time-consuming to meet the
immediate demand. Wisely, both choose to develop missile system that needs
relatively lower costs and less time, still it’s several years away until
Iranian missile makes sense in accuracy and Chinese missile is backed up with
working Beidou satellite system though.

We saw how Syria
and Egypt failed disastrously, who sought to wipe out Israel by buying
aircrafts of the same grade. No sustainability, no expert, and of course
couldn’t afford to develop aviation industry on their own from nothing. Today
Syria still hopes to buy Mig fighters, which makes me wonder if they are not
aware of their incapability of operation. After all Syrian evolved a little
bit, they bought S-300s like Iran from Russia I hate it!

Put it simple,
what I want to say is, Iran and China are not rich ^o^ Iran and China are
confronted with military hostilities XP Iran and China seek to counterbalance
the inequality in military force >> Iran and China choose to develop
cheaper missile$$ Iran and China oppress the freedom of speech by web

But where does the root of such similarities lie? I know it but I won’t speak

October 1, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

看你这文章就像看CNN News一样……
“But where does the root of such similarities lie? I know it but I won’t speak ^.* ”
I am curious about it…… Telling me via msn if you have time

October 2, 2009 @ 5:54 pm



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