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November 16, 2008
It’s my being in a human being society that keeps me away from the way of livin of that kind-that i’ll be goin 2 sleep later & later & gettin up later & later till someday i work @ night while sleep @ daytime…then the cycle continues thus i’d seem to come back 2 normal again…and the cycle continues
chewin gum just 4 relaxin, i listened 2 jacob todd’s lullaby-like pro breaks but unfortunately fell asleep… then the gum stayed stuck between my teeth 4 the whole nite…that SUCKS! it almost molt in my mouth and must have caused some kinda acid produced by my cells 2 release in reaction of its unwelcomed long stay… I’m affirmed it had goin thru a series of chemical reactions constantly until i angrily dragged it out this mornin and throwed it bout! then i’m not feelin good now
I slept so deeply that nite,but it wasn’t because i was happy and comfortable-quite the opposite-it was because i didnt want to take in anythin else…
Psychologist says i wanted to find a kinda refuge 4 my soul
…oh,my poor lil drownin soul…
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November 16, 2008 @ 5:57 pm
updated twice in one day~ mi拉,your just like another 拉 😀
now feelin’ better ?

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