Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Something in Common

August 31, 2009

These days- since the second day after I read thru the insight review of snow leopard- all those logic fanatic producers are tweeting” upgrading to snow leopard, excited”. C.C dashed to bring his second apple baby home the second day after snow leopard was released… I’m bored to death. Can’t they just tweet something different from each other?? :s


Well anyway, as both brand new operation systems for personal use- let’s just say so, might not be true for SL tho- surfaced, I found something they both share and are certainly in the right track


First is the GPU usage. Apart from loading 3D games and HD vids, the constantly growing power of GPU contributed very little for regular tasks for ages. One way to speed up that has been exploited by W7 is to distribute more data for GPU to process. The same trick is also played by SL. Ok, actually this prob has been recognized for long, we don’t have to be a least bit surprised by these changes. We just expected them to be so.


So the next come to core duo and multicores usage. One might say it’s even more ordinary. From the market point of view, it absolutely is. But the fact is rarely are there programs that support usage of both cores effectively. They either use one or another. This is because assigning different sub-tasks to different cores increase difficulty of synchronization and co-ordination, which adds workload to programmers a lot. The usual ways for us to benefit from core duo (+) is to discode and encode audio and video. As far as I know these tasks naturally turn to as many cores as they can find. Programmers don’t need to consider that. And as a result, for most of our regular applications, the speed doesn’t ever boot significantly. For now I’m not aware of how mcrsft is dealing with this. But SL is doing well. The apple programming team developed a platform on which third-party app programmers can write apps for multicore more easily. Although we couldn’t find anydody else but apple themselves addicted to writing this kinda programs, this platform looks absolutely promising. You know it’s in the right track, and when the future finally comes,” the infrastructure is already there”, said ReadWriteWeb (or so).

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