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March 16, 2010

All the research and reading I’ve done so far, prove to me that the presence of Israel in the land there is legit. Though to a certain degree I agree with people who say half of Germany should have been Jews’. In this scope, setting Israel in Germany or somewhere else in Africa as some pioneer Zionists probably had taken consideration of seriously, looks like a more reasonable solution indeed. Because it wont cause conflicts with nuts.

But why ultimately Israel was founded in this place? Other than religion factors, there’s something more I believe called love. Most Israelis today aren’t religious at all. But they love this land and aren’t willing to live anywhere else. As long as there are people believing in these two things, Israel will stand: a) love for the land; b) love for peace (in no particular order). If they no longer think where they live is important, they can go wherever they want and be successful like many American Jews are. All the troubles made by Jihadists are all left to the ones who only blame Israel today. It’s fine. But as of today, love it, so take it. Got to take the pain to spend all these money on weaponry, to waste intelligence on getting the poor PR machine running.

Think how can Israel get rid of squandering resources. Why not just let all you hypocritical UN do the job (and to prove us you aint really hypocritical). Dispatch some troops there, you guard the pre-67’ border, you deliver humanitarian aids to Gaza (don’t complain if hamas attack you), you keep the order when both Jews and Muslims visit the holy site and take the responsibility of every malicious infiltration, every terror attack, every rockets flying over your head and every attempt of incursion if there’s any. Then Israel just saves herself a lot of money and intelligence for science and technology development. No morality problem no apartheid condemnation no even PR needed. I only wish, UN is really capable of being responsible for all these apart from being capable of throw condemnations on Israel. Is it?

Some say since Israel seems undefeatable, then it’s likely that she be the final winner. I used to grin upon hearing this, but now I don’t. Israel is undefeatable, but after one enemy down, say hamas, another will come. Even though in most of time Israel behaves legally and morally, people simply don’t care. Because I know, the UN resolution is really ‘a thorny thorny issue’. You know you have the right to do something, but you may also feel not so good if you legally hurt others anyway?

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