The Antikythera Machanism

November 4, 2007

It starts off almost lullaby-like complete with a piano, acoustic guitars and reversed beats. Halfway through the track, the song explodes with a 110-piece orchestra, followed by a section of breakbeats and ending with the de-construction of the orchestra.

And when I was awakened by an unexpected message reminding at midnight, my latest repeated review of This Binary Universe came. Can’t help keeping record of those endless new discoveries and inspirations found every time I listened to it.

At first, I got puzzled why he turned such complete symphony into dissolved, extremely tweaked pieces. A series of pictures of a fallen delicate porcelain vase broken into pieces on the ground were painted in my mind. It’s of little value through aesthetic perspective, totally contrary with the melodic and peaceful atmosphere at the beginning. Gradually I realised, it was just like a road along which we’re maturing and growing. A kid would stare at starry sky and conceived a future world for human beings. At this stage, it was so easy to neglect the hardship ahead that it seemed as pure as the piano and guitar surroundings. However, the following orchestra growing stronger was a miniature of pursuit and struggle later on. No wonder the last destruction embodies the desperation of the whole scheme – the idea, the mechanism,reality twisted, faith lost. There suddenly was a lust of tearing down all the buildings built from the start not caring what was expected initially. But, resplendent.

Then all the things were so amazingly clear and true though never knew the meaning of Antikythera. The man probably is telling me a story millions share. Again I was trapped in this track deeper. Thousands of traces of undistinguishable images descended and brought me into meditation, when this moment I was just partly conscious, when this moment everything became still and we’re in a hush.

Smiling, fell asleep with those dreamy thoughts.

November 11, 2007 @ 5:59 pm
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