Vision 2019

June 9, 2009

Just few days back, there was a video published by Microsoft’s
Business Division president Stephen Elop at the Wharton Business Technology
It shows what Microsoft thinks the world may look
like a decade from now, in 2019
. Here’s
a link of a shorter version of this inspiring video . Those concepts are
futuristic yet touchable. We can see how microsoft product can have a
significant effect on the entire human race and its society further more-if it
realeze what it envisions. Education, health care, recreation, everything… And
the most elegant element can be the transparent touch screens. People use their
10 fingers to slide, amplify, whatever they want to do on the screen. And sometimes
it just feels as natural as writing on a paper but the contents can move
gracefully. I just cant get enough !

Today, I found out who’s behind this fascinating touch
screen 2.0 scene. Isrealli blog based in new york notified me about a journal
published on new york times. Here’s the link of the whole article . it tells about an israeli
company N-Trig, which has recently had a partnership with Microsoft.
planned together to move ahead for greater support for expanded touch
As I explored the official website of this company, I found it
so familiar to see the motions of fingers with what I saw in the previous
microsoft video.
.So apparently, N-Trig, this israeli touch screen solution provider is the one
that behind the microsoft vision 2019.

Touch feels friendly and lovely nn/

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