What Telefon Tel Aviv Brought To U

April 6, 2009

I’m always late. But its never too late to follow telefon tel aviv deep down to the their IDM world. IDM, to me, is a kinda electronic music dotted with rife of little buzzing sounds. I never know its exact defination but I decide to write this entry as their music is really haunting me. There certainly IS a kinda music I’d fall with when I wanna take a break from dance music. (downtempo , chillout, ambient will also be fine, but IDM is just so special)

First met them in Sasha’s Invol2ver compilation, I was impressed(more by their name rather than the music itself ~). Thinking they might be israeli, I add em as soon as I set up myspace account…and certainly I found out they’re based in the US.Duck told me bout their perfect 2004 IDM album after I post a thread on their latest album news. All of these resulted in my further investigation on this group.

The alleged perfect IDM album in 2004, ‘Map of What Is Effortless Brought To You’ is right now on the stage. I have to, I’m willing to, surrender to it as the very first note of ‘When it happens it moves all b’ flow into my ears with such soft strings and suddenly so emotionally overwhelming melody. Even if I don’t think I have anything hidden in my heart ,still with this eruption it feels like I’d like to pour my heart out as if it would release anything and everything! To be frank, I’ve NEVER experienced such an stunning prelude of an album. While it doesn’t last long and fade out with a piano line.

Then there comes ‘I lied’. Still no clue who’s the vocalist yet, who appears several times in this album,guess it might be one of the group members. There are many tracks,i.e. ‘Bubble and spike’, ‘Nothing is worth losing that’ that sound like a blues or something(since I’m not expert in pop music classification). They come up with blueish drum beats and sentimental vocal. However when a series of specially edited complexity of percussions break in at a proper time, the whole vibe get much deeper and you feel the force of serenity.

But ‘My week beats your year’ is an odd among the 9 tracks. Relatively brighter timbre, faster beats with delightful claps and freestyle words.

Title track is a piece of orchestra, not an epic one but sounds more like funeral music. I don’t know what is inside of it. But the word effortless more or less tells something. In the end a sole string clear it all up.

‘What it is without the hand th’ is a pure IDM track. I much appreciate its ‘build-up’ part that introduce the ferocious but brief blaster. The complicated and vulnerable beats that I don’t even think about tracking every single of them, arrives after a noisy destruction of sounds. And it goes even more delicate in the light of the tune of morning clock flying over the beats, where there comes a sense of fulfillment I don’t know. I must think of god my god! how come it’s so sacred

I’m still there, accepting whatever will be the next. ‘What it was will never again’ just reminds me of trip hop music. Both share the similar quality of what we called darkness and modiness. The trembling guitar and the ethereal vocal form the sight of burning horizon in the twilight. I thought it would last till the end, never expected there’d be an disastrous explosion of heavy electric guitar waves, by which the moan of the vocal is torn into pieces. She yelled hard in vein and her voice is drown…in this storm

I couldn’t love the last track anymore. The ultimate of the whole album, assembles all of their features here. The warm acoustic guitar re-interpretates the intro,accompanying the male vocal’s fragile voice like a really old record playing itself. Of course there’s far more left behind, the theme that appears in the first track reappeared here. The same strengthfulness, the same feeling of heartbreaking. I cherish every broken beats and sliced sounds. It crashes on my mind and I feel like dying.

I’m here writing this with full of emotions. I know it’s too faraway from what I previously conceived of a musical commentary. I don’t even know where do they come from. Maybe Telefon Tel Aviv put a seed, the irregation is their music,with such richfulness inside, it grows and release the emotions that don’t belong to me. These emotions might be TTA’s,not mine, I experienced them from someone else, but thankfully still within my reach

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