April 22, 2009

A follower of mine tweets"have you heard of e-cig?…" then it got me qrio bout this nu style of smokin. googled, i opened 2 links. the ‘official e-cig site’ and another wiki. the former website explains the working principle of electronic cigarrets and the reason for choosing their product. well i have to admit it has a cooler outlooking~ in its marketing, the company claims that e-cig could be an aid of quitin smoking and it’s a healthier way of smoking. but i got quite puzzled as i read thru the technical detail provided. it use a kind of liquid to give people the feeling of smoking. although it might not produce carbon monoxide or tar, the doses of nicotine in the liquid varies according to customers preferrences and can be as high as 80%. then i check the wiki page and it says currently, no authorized experiment could support the company’s claim. FDA of the US and Health Canada, and almost every organization mentioned recognize e-cig as still a kinda nicotine addictive product. the most astounding thing that finally makes me determined to write this entry is that i came across a small line on almost the bottom of the wiki page. all the e-cig product and the patent are of a company called Cixi E-cig based in China… i then googled in chinese, a simplified chinese website came out "浙江慈溪依赛格公司是一家…高科技…"grrrrrr, no words can reach the depth of my …-_-b

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