Israel and Taiwan

August 15, 2010

There don’t seem to be tight diplomatic ties between Israel and Taiwan as not many news articles mentioned the two together. But as I observe, I find dozens of similarities between them.

Think I may be able to come up with more ideas later. But according to limited knowledge of the real relationships between Israel and Taiwan, they seem not to be BFF’s as they’re supposed to be. The fact is, despite unconditional condemnations from China, despite China’s long-lasted friendship with Arab oil countries, despite China included in the worlds’ few countries that recognize Hamas as legitimate, Israel always tirelessly seeks to get support from Beijing. Israel not only help China on agriculture and clean tech, but also it sold weapons. At first I don’t consider this as a big problem. But gradually I realize Harpy is here. Right near me in suburban Hangzhou. The intention of such deployment is so apparent. If one day in the future, the relationship between Taiwan and China gets intense, or just some military fanatics in the PLA get mad, the Harpy squad might be moved to Fujian or Guangdong province. We have seen a perfect demo back in Beeka Valley. We all know what it means to launch them unto Taiwan. Does Israel not care? But can Israel afford to have a hostile China?

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